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We buy & sell with style

At Talk of the Chine we buy, source and sell antique & vintage furniture. We also pride ourselves on finding the unusual and we always have that something 'a bit different' in the shop. We aim to provide memorable pieces that take pride of place in our customers homes. 

What we offer:

At Talk of the Chine we provide our customers with a broad assortment and ever changing inventory of quality stock. One thing that always remains the same is our level of service, commitment to help our customers get what they want and our fair purchasing and sales ethos.

We sell stock that boasts the perfect blend of good taste, quality and functionality. Our exclusive inventory is always unique and we our extremely lucky in that we have such a wealth of history and amazing pieces of antique and vintage right on our doorstep to purchase and resell. We love that we know where the majority of our pieces come from and where they are going to. 

The Talk of the Chine is the number one choice to buy and sell pre-owned items, we also have a network of associates on the Island who we work closely with and can put our customers in contact with in their specialist field. 

To find that special piece contact us today

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